shadows and horizons

Here the land bleeds into the horizon with only trees and  light to mark where one ends and the other begins. More than once i fall in love with the curve of a fence in the snow, or the shape of a line of trees.


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One of the biggest mistakes I made on the first photography workshop I did with David duChemin was not asking enough questions, fearing that it would seem that I didn’t have a clue. This time was different – I let joy be my guide instead of fear; I became a shadow – following Martin & David around, asking what they were doing and seeing… asking them to talk me through their process, then finding my way to the images I knew I could make into mine. Some were similar to theirs, though never the same. Some so different I wondered if we were in the same place.

Open and empty, my heart felt like it expanded to fill the white spaces. I became the wideness, the wildness, the beauty, the quiet, whilst also being the singer, the song, the laugher and the laughter.

I was the shadow and the horizon.

I am forever changed.


18 thoughts on “shadows and horizons

  1. Just wait one moment, so I can breathe normally again.

    Absolutely exquisite!

    So simple, and so powerful.

  2. Like everyone else commenting I’m totally wowed by these images. Breakfast cereal almost fell out of my open mouth. I’d be over the moon if I managed just one of these shots.

    So glad you got to go. So glad about what it’s doing for you.

  3. Beautiful photos. Very evocative for me having grown up in snowy landscapes.

  4. I’ve been a follower for a while now…these captures are STUNNING! There are so many of these that I adore! GREAT job!

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