the weekend that was

+ a train out of london on friday night + magical moments with amazing friends, celebrating their northern wedding day + a stunning bride + and a handsome groom + a moving ceremony + stunning weather for bubbles and canapés on the lawn + a beautifully adorned barn + heart-felt speeches that had me in tears + sweets from new zealand on all of the tables, that resulted in lots of i’ll swap you some of these for some of those + the *best* first dance i’ve ever experienced, one where everyone got involved, with much laughing and whirling about + all the small details + great conversations that lasted long into the night + lots of so great to see you again and it’s wonderful to finally meet you + a walk on sunday morning along the canal + picking elderflowers + and watching a long boat pass through one of the locks (slow travel at it’s finest) + lazing about in the sun in-between catching up on laundry + taking a first look at all the photographs we made yesterday + prosecco and paperbacks + and making elderflower cordial

[weekending with amanda]

what i found

polaroid photograph of pegs on a line

we travelled to banbury this past wednesday to visit with friends;
they were the perfect hosts

we found…
+ food prepared by the king of bbq
+ an ecstatic welcome from their furry family
+ beautiful sunshine that allowed for lunch in the garden
+ great conversation

all suitably stuffed from a fabulous meal, we headed off for a walk and a photo session. it’s been almost 12 years since nic and i got married and, since i’m usually behind a camera rather than in front of it, there’s very few photographs of the two of us together.

penny & cam are a couple i deeply admire and people i trust to document a glimpse of the life i have chosen to share with Nic
their love for each other is palpable… it shines through in the work they do, and how they are together.

before the photo session i remember thinking…
i wish we were both a bit thinner for this

then i found…
when i looked into Nic’s eyes and was asked to remember, and verbalise, what i loved about him
our physical forms really didn’t matter one bit

and i found, again…
the man that i love.

i can’t wait to see their photographs of us together

three things {storytelling + writing}

chickens and rooster

for storytelling + writing

  1. Tell your life stories by joining the Cowbird community. Share your views & ideas by joining the Medium community
  2. These writing maps illustrated by various talented people, with writing prompts by Shaun Levin are fabulous. They include prompts for writing in cafes, parks, crowded places, rooms you inhabit, art galleries, bars, and more to get you started
  3. Want to collaborate on an online story? Check out The Odyssey of Blueboy – an experimental epic story told by the world and illustrated by Joe Garber

introductions (a poem)

this part is heavy,

this part feels frail,
like grandma’s hands.

this part was mended,
crooked stitching.

this part stays stoppered,
bottled up.

this part is starving,
spirit hunger.

this part is lonely,

this part stays present,
always open.

this part is love
in all its forms.

this part is wildness,
fire & ashes.

this part holds anger,

this part (the seeker)
prays, is answered.

this part abundant,

this part unfolds –
repeated patterns.

this part is fractured
storm has come.

the weekend that was

polaroid of a boat a dungeness
Dungeness. Polaroid 600, early impossible film

+ i haven’t picked up a camera for days + i’m thinking about death + and friendships + and how i can’t get my head out of my arse for all the stories i invent when my attempts at connection sometimes go unanswered + an early start to the weekend with a day off on friday to attend royal ascot + winning some, losing some, coming out even + pizza & a movie on friday evening – the perfect ending to a day filled with fancy hats, champagne and people watching + saturday morning lie-in + a trip to the library + and the local butcher + a new listing in my shop + letter writing, ready for monday’s post + a movie date with my guy + grocery shopping + bbq’ing +  a sunday full of crossing things off our list that left us both with a sense of accomplishment + some packing + and some gardening + and some polaroid scanning + lunch at a local + buying train tickets + reading vol. 3 of cereal magazine + asparagus pesto

[weekending with amanda]

{shop now closed}

greatsnoring littlesnoring

great snoring and little snoring are now available to buy in my shop

currently available in just one size: print size 8×12, mount size 12×15 (standard frame size), frame not included

we’ve put ours above the bed!


i’m so delighted to know that the manifesto i made is being downloaded, pinned, shared on facebook, google+, blogs and twitter. my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has spread the word. if you don’t have a copy yet, you can download it from here

season of sun

solstice-2012-0 solstice-2012-1 solstice-2012-2

it is the solstice today at 06:05. i am up and getting ready for a day at the races. it’s grey and cool and not feeling at all like the season of sun. i am hoping for a dry weekend so we can get out on our bikes.

last year on the summer solstice i was in the cotswolds, visiting with emmajo and the newest baby bradshaw, picking elder flowers and having afternoon tea.

it was a much more summery affair.

[photo friday]

the weekend that was


+ pimms by the river halfway home by bike on friday night + ‘eating the pantry’ – making the bara brith recipe from  a cook’s year in a welsh farmhouse cookery book on saturday morning used up all the dried fruit & self-raising flour + pancakes with banana & maple syrup for breakfast + a hen party saturday afternoon/evening, that began with a burlesque class (way more fun than i imagined it would be) + sunday morning lie in + a trip to the charity shop to drop off a donation + my jeans count currently being 1, i embarked on a futile hunt for a pair of pre-loved jeans whilst i’m waiting for my pair from hiut denim to arrive + then to the farmers market + and the library + trying a recipe from the intolerant gourmet cookery book that was in my library haul, i think i have found the perfect aubergine recipe + a simple salad of shaved fennel & thinly sliced radishes wins my heart + the mr. making bbq chicken wings so spicy i had tears rolling down my face as i ate + the hangover pt. ii + spaces in-between where there was rest

[weekending with amanda]