the weekend that was

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an early start to the weekend with a day off on friday to hang out with my lovely friend Angie + she took me to visit jane austen’s house museum (not pictured) + then to love on some horses + a fabulous lunch at the pub with no name + then a wander through some lavender fields chasing bees trying to get a polaroid (they really don’t make easy subjects for polaroids when time is short!) + friday night in watching a movie, eating popcorn + a saturday morning bike ride to the library for more books + making sourdough ciabatta + clearing out, packing up, making lists + sitting outside in the afternoon reading a book underneath the gazebo as the rain poured down + finishing one book and starting another + sunday lunch with Sas & Ash in hurley, just 45 mins from london + a walk along the river + a swim in the thames + the crazy-coolest ice-cream vendor i’ve ever seen + cream teas at the church before driving back to london, because as Sas so beautifully put it “we couldn’t not stop because it was like God saying ‘I’ve just put the kettle on’ ” + more reading + fish burgers for supper made from the ciabatta rolls i baked yesterday + scanning my polaroids from friday’s excursions

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?

three things {for meditation}

for meditation

  1. have you tried getting some headspace? try the free take 10 programme (10 minutes for 10 days), then sign up for more if it’s what you fancy
  2. did you know that deepak and oprah are doing another 21 day meditation challenge? it starts on august 5th and you can sign up here for FREE
  3. puppetji vs meditation. puppetji gives a lesson in TRUE meditation

the weekend that was


+ friday night supper outside + an early start saturday morning, preparing for a murder mystery party + our backyard transforms into the on deck lounge of a yacht harboured in a private bay in the mediterranean + six, fabulously dressed, guests who got totally into the theme and the mystery of it all + an afternoon of food, wine, questions, accusations + a ‘scene change’ – sofas & bean bags are moved outside + a mystery solved + some tears (okay quite a lot of tears) as i once again realise these amazing people that i call friends are going to be really, REALLY hard to leave + an evening of easy conversation & laughter + a pizza delivery + a sunday morning lie in before returning the furniture to its place in the lounge + and an afternoon spent picnicking in the park

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?

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i have my fair share of “how on earth did i end up in this mess?” kind of days, however yesterday was not one of them.

feeling so very happy about the london sunshine, and having a day off work, i took the underground up to manor house, then wandered through finsbury park to meet up with xanthe (who took me for a lovely lunch at the haberdashery, then a swim in the ladies pond at hampstead heath, and for a lazy afternoon in the hammocks).

the most delicious day rounded off with dinner with xanthe, susannah & sas.

all photos iPhone 4s, processed with a vsco film preset

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three things {the art of haiku}

the art of haiku

  1. “Haiku was traditionally written in the present tense and focused on associations between images. There was a pause at the end of the first or second line, and a “season word,” or kigo, specified the time of year.As the form has evolved, many of these rules–including the 5/7/5 practice–have been routinely broken. However, the philosophy of haiku has been preserved: the focus on a brief moment in time; a use of provocative, colorful images; an ability to be read in one breath; and a sense of sudden enlightenment and illumination.”
    read more about haiku at
  2. one hundred journeys: Sas Petherick’s observations whilst travelling on the tube, shared via twitter using the hashtag #tubeku
  3. the software developers at the new york times wrote an algorithm to periodically check the home page for new articles and find haiku. the best of them are chosen by a human journalist and posted to the times haiku blog


Haiku written whilst in Japan

Winter Wonderland:
Monkeys, Eagles, Swans and Cranes.
The full moon rises.

the weekend that was


+ friday evening dinner out with nic at one of the places on my london list. we had an amazing meal at the best table in the restaurant, in full view of the prep kitchen + another saturday lie in… we’ve had almost enough of them now to see it as a regular thing + a new blue dress + shopping for a gazebo for the backyard + and a backyard erection (ahem) + some rearranging of our outdoor space to make it feel even better than it did already + chilled white wine + bonobo on repeat and buying tickets to see him live in seattle in october + playing about with a new camera + bbq tuna steak for supper + dining alfresco + sharknado {tragic, yet strangely compelling} + a trip to north london on sunday morning for a shoe fitting + and i’m not too proud to admit that i mocked one of our friends mercilessly when he bought his vibram five fingers (sorry, joe) and now i own a pair and i already love them – they are the closest thing i have experienced to being able to walk barefoot in london + walking from our shoe fitting expedition along the parkland walk, and through highgate park, and queens park, to get to the leaving party of some friends returning to NZ + an afternoon & evening of catching ups, and goodbyes, and see you soons.

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?