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my friend Meghan wrote the most amazing story. then she published it. it’s a powerful and compelling work of fiction that touched me deeply. i could identify so much with the women in the story.

Melissa Owens doesn’t know what is wrong with her. What she does know is that the ache in her chest grows deeper every time she allows herself to want more. The other problem? She doesn’t actually know what ‘more’ is. Feeling confused and ungrateful, she spends her days pretending nothing is wrong — until the ache is finally so strong that she goes to a doctor for help.
One business card, a lunch, and a leap of faith later, Melissa finds the courage to finally listen to her heart.
Unfurl is about magic and food and baggage and connection. It is about looking at yourself and the stories that hold you back. Best described by one reader as Eat, Pray, Love meets The Alchemist, Unfurl was initially written in response to Sue Monk Kidd’s comment about women being the largest untapped resource on the planet. Fed stories of unworthiness and fear, shame and guilt, many women believe that they are powerless. This book is my attempt to give contemporary women a new story to believe in.
A modern heroine’s journey with a dose of sacred magic, Unfurl is the story of what happens when you dare to ask for more.

every weekday since August 3rd, Meg has been reading a chapter of her book and sharing it on her website, making the book even more powerful & magical than when i read it to myself.

Make yourself a warming cup of tea (or coffee) find a cosy spot to sit and listen here


Buy the paperback version from here.
Buy it from here.
Buy it directly from Createspace here.
Or, please ask your local retailer to carry it!
You can also get it on Kindle in the US here, and the UK here.
If you are in any other country, if you search your own country’s Kindle store, I hope you find it there!

rocky bay





we had friends over to stay last night and, early this morning, Nicky and I got up to go play with our cameras. this was the first time i’ve been to rocky bay at low tide – these boatsheds aren’t accessible (on foot) when the tide is high.

frustratingly, my favourite [50mm f/1.4] lens appears to have had one too many close encounters with sand and is no longer focusing, so it’s destined for a trip to the camera hospital tomorrow to see if it can be repaired!


breakfast on the road, kawakawa bay

eating | a sumptuous 3-course sunday roast lunch (with all the trimmings) at Cazador – organised by gather & hunt. totally worth the trek into the city on the ferry and out to the suburbs on a bus.

drinking | mulled cider. adapted from this nigella recipe. perfect for our cool winter evenings.

collecting | a list of places we want to eat in auckland. currently this list is growing quicker than we can cross things off.

watching | i just found the 100 season 1 on nz netflix. i was going to save it up to watch on the evenings that nic is away over the next few weeks. did that happen? no.

planning | one of the first things I do when I am preparing for travel (after writing my packing list) is look for places to eat. i’m so excited to be joining my friend jo in brisbane for a night in october and have been scoping lovely vege/vegan places within walking distance of our accommodation.

playing | i recently purchased a 1975 edition of cluedo from our local spca. all the pieces were intact and we’ve been having fun, just the two of us (then with friends this past weekend), playing this lovely board game.

what have you been up to?

a few favourites


reading | The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere (reminding me of the importance of making time to meditate every day) + MAKING THE PRINT – Printing Techniques For the Digital Photographer (teaching me how to set things up so I can print well from home or using a pro print shop) + Motionless Journey: From a Hermitage in the Himalayas (reminding me that I don’t need to go anywhere to make photographs, I can do it here… now)

playing | with some printed card ideas for selling locally (& maybe online)

making | delicious mini apple cider cakes from the sunday suppers cook book {recipe also online over at turntable kitchen} + this (also delicious) burger recipe by Anna Jones (bonus points for being vegan so i can feed it to a friend of mine when she comes over for dinner)

planning | our trip to Queenstown to stay in the lovely Sherwood Hotel + walking the Routeburn track over christmas. the huts fill up fast, even over the holidays so i’ve got to get in quick! i’m thinking of using this bowndling backpack for our 2-night adventure

watching | this video of the scottish highlands {thanks to susannah for sharing the link} – it reminds me of [some of] the wonderful times we also had up there.