rocky bay





we had friends over to stay last night and, early this morning, Nicky and I got up to go play with our cameras. this was the first time i’ve been to rocky bay at low tide – these boatsheds aren’t accessible (on foot) when the tide is high.

frustratingly, my favourite [50mm f/1.4] lens appears to have had one too many close encounters with sand and is no longer focusing, so it’s destined for a trip to the camera hospital tomorrow to see if it can be repaired!

a few favourites


reading | The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere (reminding me of the importance of making time to meditate every day) + MAKING THE PRINT – Printing Techniques For the Digital Photographer (teaching me how to set things up so I can print well from home or using a pro print shop) + Motionless Journey: From a Hermitage in the Himalayas (reminding me that I don’t need to go anywhere to make photographs, I can do it here… now)

playing | with some printed card ideas for selling locally (& maybe online)

making | delicious mini apple cider cakes from the sunday suppers cook book {recipe also online over at turntable kitchen} + this (also delicious) burger recipe by Anna Jones (bonus points for being vegan so i can feed it to a friend of mine when she comes over for dinner)

planning | our trip to Queenstown to stay in the lovely Sherwood Hotel + walking the Routeburn track over christmas. the huts fill up fast, even over the holidays so i’ve got to get in quick! i’m thinking of using this bowndling backpack for our 2-night adventure

watching | this video of the scottish highlands {thanks to susannah for sharing the link} – it reminds me of [some of] the wonderful times we also had up there.