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i have my fair share of “how on earth did i end up in this mess?” kind of days, however yesterday was not one of them.

feeling so very happy about the london sunshine, and having a day off work, i took the underground up to manor house, then wandered through finsbury park to meet up with xanthe (who took me for a lovely lunch at the haberdashery, then a swim in the ladies pond at hampstead heath, and for a lazy afternoon in the hammocks).

the most delicious day rounded off with dinner with xanthe, susannah & sas.

all photos iPhone 4s, processed with a vsco film preset

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Tower Bridge & The Shard. Polaroid Spectra, Impossible Project PZ680 film

It had been a while since we’d been back to our old stomping grounds in East London.
We headed over on a Thursday evening a couple of weeks back to check out the opening night at Truck Stop – a pop up dining experience of a whole range of food trucks on Wood Wharf.

We stuffed ourselves with freshly made beef hot dogs, buttermilk fried chicken burgers, and Camden Hells Lager.

It was a beautiful night so, instead of getting back on to the Jubilee line to Westminster, we caught the Thames Clipper back up the river.

The sunset was amazing – the silhouettes of Tower Bridge and The Shard were the only polaroid I wanted to make.

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what i found

polaroid photograph of pegs on a line

we travelled to banbury this past wednesday to visit with friends;
they were the perfect hosts

we found…
+ food prepared by the king of bbq
+ an ecstatic welcome from their furry family
+ beautiful sunshine that allowed for lunch in the garden
+ great conversation

all suitably stuffed from a fabulous meal, we headed off for a walk and a photo session. it’s been almost 12 years since nic and i got married and, since i’m usually behind a camera rather than in front of it, there’s very few photographs of the two of us together.

penny & cam are a couple i deeply admire and people i trust to document a glimpse of the life i have chosen to share with Nic
their love for each other is palpable… it shines through in the work they do, and how they are together.

before the photo session i remember thinking…
i wish we were both a bit thinner for this

then i found…
when i looked into Nic’s eyes and was asked to remember, and verbalise, what i loved about him
our physical forms really didn’t matter one bit

and i found, again…
the man that i love.

i can’t wait to see their photographs of us together

season of sun

solstice-2012-0 solstice-2012-1 solstice-2012-2

it is the solstice today at 06:05. i am up and getting ready for a day at the races. it’s grey and cool and not feeling at all like the season of sun. i am hoping for a dry weekend so we can get out on our bikes.

last year on the summer solstice i was in the cotswolds, visiting with emmajo and the newest baby bradshaw, picking elder flowers and having afternoon tea.

it was a much more summery affair.

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father-birthday father-diptych

Father turned 80 three years ago and we were home for his birthday.

We took him and my mother jet-boating up the whanganui river because it’s something we knew he’d like. Father wasn’t able to walk to the bridge to nowhere, so we left him in a shelter back down the track. When we returned, he was chatting to some tourists, telling them about some of the history of the place.

His body might be ageing, but his mind is sharp and his stories are always worth listening to.

I want the light in my eyes to be shining – as much as it does in his – when I am in my 80’s.

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body of water

I’ve just had three rolls of film developed from photographs I made with the Hasselblad and I picked the scans up yesterday morning.

I had completely forgotten about making this photograph – it’s one from our trip to cornwall for christmas last year. I love how the scan has revealed some of the character of the film the photo was made on.

Even now, looking at this image, I remember looking out our cottage window, feeling like each crash of the waves was bringing me closer to deep and nourishing rest.

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enquire within upon everything


our neighbour. seen most mornings on the roof of our conservatory, looking down on us with meh.


  1. enquire within upon everything is the title of a book i found in a secondhand book store. of course i bought it.
  2. i love this rube goldberg postcard writing suitcase set: melvin the magical mixed media machine (found via colossal)
  3. london pop-up restaurants are a way to charm me. i’ve just booked us into the wild food kitchen for dinner
  4. this pasta with garlicky broccoli rabe recipe is so fast and tasty i’ve made it twice this week (with slight modifications)
  5. my weekend begins with a float. then lots of plans to meet up with friends and take myself outside for a nice long walk.

what are your weekend plans?