i will find my way back

finding my way back-0 finding my way back-1 finding my way back-2 finding my way back-3 finding my way back-4 finding my way back-5 finding my way back-6 finding my way back-7 finding my way back-8 finding my way back-9 finding my way back-10

1 – 6 // scenes from a moving train, going to visit my parents

7 // looking back down to a loop of the raurimu spiral. an incredible piece of civil engineering that enables the train to climb 139 metres in a very small space using the natural contours of the terrain & an amazing spiral/horseshoe design [here’s a photo of it from the air]

8 – 10 // scenes from a tiny regional plane, homeward bound


i will find my way back
» find my way back by cody fry

these words could mean so many many things for me right now….

today, it’s the one hour flight home that turned into a five-and-a-half hour journey due to fog.

today, it’s the golden light above the clouds before our tiny plane was diverted to another airport.

today, it’s having lunch with my husband in the city before boarding the ferry to come home.

today, it’s the tuis calling and chasing each other through the trees outside the window where i sit.

today, it’s being home.


rotoroa island


















just a 20-minute ferry ride from the orapiu wharf (at the other end of waiheke island) is rotoroa island. it’s owned by the salvation army and, up until 2005, it was an alcohol & drug rehabilitation centre. now, thanks to a very generous philanthropist, it’s a sanctuary and accessible to the public.

we took the boat over yesterday morning and had a fabulous day wandering the island, swimming, picnicking & taking in the amazing views across the hauraki gulf. we scrambled around the rocks from mens bay to ladies bay, rested in the long grass by the north tower and we swam, then took shelter, under a majestic pohutukawa at miu miu bay. i said wow a lot. and soaked up my fair share of sunshine.

this morning was our last HIIT session for the year and it feels great to be leaving 2014 the fittest and healthiest (mentally and physically) i’ve been for a very long while. it’s been an interesting, challenging & amazing year and i am grateful for it all.

happy new year to you, friends – i hope 2015 is an amazing one for you

opopo bay













on boxing day we took a drive to the other end of the island and walked down the hill to opopo bay for a picnic. the track starts at the top of the hill near stony batter, descending through farmland and native bush, ending up at a small rocky beach. not an ideal swimming spot, so we just enjoyed our picnic, then scrambled back up the hill

the weekend that was

IMG_4964 IMG_4969 IMG_4972 IMG_4974 IMG_4979 IMG_5006 IMG_5011 IMG_5029 IMG_5043 IMG_5050 IMG_5062 IMG_5070


+ a train to herefordshire then a rental car pickup

+ checking in to the yewtree cottage at docklow manor

+ driving to the monkland cheese shop for cheese & biscuits

+ and quarry farm shop for dinner, breakfast & lunch supplies

+ hanging out in the sun reading, and talking to the chooks

+ then picking our friends up from the train

+ lazy saturday morning with a late breakfast

+ bluebells

+ then getting ready for an afternoon wedding

+ a hearty lunch

+ suits, hats & dancing shoes

+ our lovely friends vince and ginnie’s wedding extravaganza and all the celebrations, dinner & dancing that goes with it (not pictured)

+ an earlier start to sunday to have breakfast, feed the chickens our scraps and say goodbye to yewtree cottage

+ before heading to the holy rock houses at kinver edge

+ pub lunch at the ewe & lamb on the way back to the train

+ first class upgrades with everyone having naps in the quiet carriage

+ home again, a nice cup of tea and watching her before bed

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?

the weekend that was

20140310-093739.jpgsunset. somewhere near christchurch

+ a flight to christchurch on friday evening

+ a saturday filled with family and introductions to new family

+ an evening filled with laughter and singing

+ a sunday morning walk to hagley park and back

+ a sunday afternoon wedding – one of my older brothers marries his sweetheart

+ an early night

+ early morning farewells on monday

+ a flight home at sunrise

[weekending with amanda]


father-birthday father-diptych

Father turned 80 three years ago and we were home for his birthday.

We took him and my mother jet-boating up the whanganui river because it’s something we knew he’d like. Father wasn’t able to walk to the bridge to nowhere, so we left him in a shelter back down the track. When we returned, he was chatting to some tourists, telling them about some of the history of the place.

His body might be ageing, but his mind is sharp and his stories are always worth listening to.

I want the light in my eyes to be shining – as much as it does in his – when I am in my 80’s.

[photo friday]