the me of now

+++ pink flamingo neon lights after work swims film photography, bike riding the wind-chime’s tone chorus birds serenading the rising & setting sun

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a recent inventory

a sight // sunlight leading the tree shadows in delicate pirouettes on bedroom walls & living room floor + watching the midnight sky + following along with the guardian’s 31-day literary diet for January a smell // fern fronds and leaf litter under storm-swollen skies a sound // the stridulation* of an armour-plated weta a […]

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Kereru taking off. Photo © Leonie Wise


i was at the gym this morning doing a workout and, partway through a gruelling set of tricep dips, the virtual instructor said four words that embedded themselves under my skin. he encouraged us all to “lead with the heart“. i decided, in that moment, that my practise for this year is to embody that […]

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