+++ put on some lip gloss and go to that dinner; don’t hesitate – breeze right past sowhatdoyoudo and into tellmewhatyoulove in between the canapés and the main course, after refilling the glasses, take a moment and really listen to what they’re saying in between all the words ignore the wax that’s dripping on the […]

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lay it down

that thing that feels like an obligation, even though its for someone you love with all your heart. come home instead, curl up in your warm bed and indulge in being at rest (let your husband take care of you too). stay there until you feel like you’re good and ready to come out. the […]

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looking down a stairway through the bush to the sea. by leonie wise

how many photographs is too many?

+++ i went for a walk this morning after i’d dropped nic at the ferry, following the little pathways up and down the hillside from little oneroa to fisherman’s rock a couple of bays away. it was a beautiful morning and i made a lot of photographs in amongst the marvelling; it felt great to be out […]

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