David duChemin is a really awesome dude.

Not very long ago (I’m a slow learner) I realised that, if I want my photography to improve, I need to hang out with people whose work I admire. I was stuck. Wanting to be ‘better’ (whatever the hell that means) and knowing that a way I could help myself do that was to find people that could help me out.

Enter Within the Frame (WTF*), the Craft & Vision books and David duChemin. I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time, following his blog, leaving random comments and cheering him on as he recovers from a serious fall. I seriously believe this dude has magical powers.

As well as being smart, funny and fun to be around, this dude is kind. David pushed me to ask people if I could photograph them (which I totally needed)… He sat patiently, listening as I had a number of meltdowns, then offered me some honest feedback and advice… He offered me the use of his camera and gave me an introduction to how tilt-shift lenses actually work…

And he sat and let me photograph him.
It was truly an amazing gift.

More than once on the trip I was brought to my knees – sometimes with a camera in my hands, sometimes simply grateful for not being dumb enough to cancel my ticket.

Now, after being back for just over a week, I find my digital darkroom skills lacking. But I hope you get a sense of how much this guy means to me when you see these images.

* I did tell you this dude is funny.

3 thoughts on “dude

  • I’m in Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego at the moment. Guess who I met on the street, on his way to Antarctica …

    He says to give you a big hug from him next time I see you ;^)

  • Wonderful images and I adore the way you’ve explained what they mean to you with your words.

    The fascinating thing about portraiture is that we get to see people we know, the way others see them. That’s why I’m thankful to you for putting these images up. It’s great to see David the way you see him!

  • So pleased you got to meet your hero and that he didn’t disappoint (not that I thought he would). What fabulous portraits you’ve taken, too – so much personality!

    I am desperate to get my hands on a good tilt and shift lens – what did you make of them? Do you think they’re worth investing in?


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