4 In poetry

    open road

    this isn’t the one where
    you get to try things out
    before you do it for real.
    this isn’t the one where
    you deprive yourself
    because ‘you don’t deserve it’.
    it’s an open road, and
    it’s all yours.
    this is your home
    your heaven
    your haven.
    let it exhaust you
    elate you
    confound you,
    surprise you.
    feast on
    all that you love,
    and just spit out the rest.
    invent it,
    destroy it,
    take charge of it;
    fill its timeline
    with catastrophe,
    let chance and whimsy
    engulf you at
    inconvenient moments.
    be with people who
    provoke, and
    inspire you to
    focus on the little,
    the showing up,
    the being in it.
    explore what it is
    to be you.
    see god in the liminal spaces,
    the unmade bed,
    the questions,
    and the laundry.
    keep a part of it secret,
    known only to yourself.
    grind fragments into dust,
    and smear yourself with them.
    be greedy.
    make it yours.
    feel it.
    drive it.
    live it.