Castaway's Choice - Polaroid SX-70, 779 film. by Leonie Wise

castaway’s choice

castaway’s choice: 8 LP boxed set – seen in a charity shop window today. (polaroid sx-70, 779 film) +++ i almost bought this box set of eight records today… but we don’t have a record player. and, if i had purchased these LP’s i would have felt compelled to buy a portable turntable. then i would […]

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coffee for one. polaroid sx-70, 779 film Time alone is as essential as breathing. – Susannah Conway. From This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart  +++ I lie awake staring at the ceiling; hear the soft rain falling, pattering a gentle rhythmic melody on to the scaffolding across the street. He is snoring beside […]

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polaroid sx-70, 779 film +++ life is currently fuelled by equal parts terror, adrenaline, caffeine. thankful that there’s also sunshine, yoga and cycling, or i think i’d be coming apart at the seams and my stuffing would be falling out.

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