monk with an ipad on castle hill. copyright leonie wise


we gave up watching ‘regular’ television years ago and now just buy all our tv series using the itunes store or watch on netflix. my current favourite – suits. another surprising month for me. i haven’t embarked on any ‘new’ exercise regimes recently, and i don’t ‘diet’ but the constant commitment i have to exercise […]

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the weekend that was

sunset. somewhere near christchurch + a flight to christchurch on friday evening + a saturday filled with family and introductions to new family + an evening filled with laughter and singing + a sunday morning walk to hagley park and back + a sunday afternoon wedding – one of my older brothers marries his sweetheart […]

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Image by Martin Hunter/Getty Images; sourced via The Atlantic. Go there to see more incredible images from their collection. This is my homeland. The place on earth I hold most closely to my heart. And, earlier this week, Christchurch city was thrown into a state of upheaval by earthquakes once more. New Zealand isn’t called […]

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