from there and here [abandoned]

1 // there: we are invited to join some friends on a trip to chernobyl & pripyat to learn a little about the nuclear disaster that occured there in 1986. to say it was memorable was an understatement. it’s interesting to see what happens when a place is abandoned and nature starts to reclaim the […]

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autumn walk, brockwood bottom, england

from there and here [look down]

1 // there: that afternoon i take a walk through brockwood bottom with my dear friend caroline. october 2008 2 // here: this morning i clamber up the rocks between palm and little palm beaches, sitting and breathing in the ocean for a while, watching the dog walkers and early morning swimmers below and marvelling […]

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from there and here [cafe]

1 // there: the towpath cafe. one of my all-time london favourites. getting there is half the fun of it – choosing an entry point, then walking along regent’s canal before stopping for some lunch and people watching. i often dream of things from that menu, wishing there was a towpath cafe cookery book. june […]

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