the exquisite ordinary • one

i remember that place and how delightful our weekend away was. how we reclined and relaxed, ate and explored, revelling in our rural retreat… … except for the horror of linen-hire polycotton sheets. 9.5/10 would visit again (& take my own linen) craving vegetable broth and armloads of greens. current status: pyjama-clad, car-and-greens-less psithurism brings […]

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30 ways to warm up winter

Let someone dangerous in for tea. Make small signs that say “yes” and spread them all over your house. Become a friend of freedom and uncertainty…Take a lot of naps…Dream wild, imaginative dreams. Draw on walls. Read every day. Imagine you are enchanted. Giggle with children. Listen to old people…Be free. Praise yourself. Let go […]

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may reading list

I skipped a post for my April reading list. Not because I didn’t read anything, but because it was all James Patterson type novels and I burn through one of those in a day just as light reading. This month, I’ve got a great selection of books on the go… a couple beside my bed, one on the […]

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