A Year of Books. By Leonie Wise

my year of books (2017)

Last year I decided I would buy one book a month that was related to creativity in some way. I was feeling desperately uncreative in and of myself and wanted to find books that would fuel my imagination and (re)ignite my passion for creating. Pretty heavy ask of a dozen books now isn’t it?!? I […]

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days of rain

For a few days it was raining in Barcelona. Pouring down. When it rains a whole other world takes over. The people rush inside the houses. Hide under their umbrellas. Hide until it stops. The water ponds grow and grow. I went down the street. Had the street by my self. Breathing in fresh air. […]

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“i want to write about faith” i hear your earnest words repeatedly in my mind… burrowing into the hardened parts of me – reminding me of an urgent conversation we are destined to have, as soon as i stop and allow it to happen. this day is my heart: beating in time with yours; where […]

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