Feet in a kayak looking towards a headland. Photo © Leonie Wise

kayak from mawhitipana to onetangi

today we hauled our kayaks into the ocean and did a short paddle from mawhitipana bay (palm beach) to onetangi. it was a beautifully sunny day, but the wind got up making whitecaps in the water as we were heading around thompson’s point. so… after spending some time exploring the remarkably clear waters around opopoto […]

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+++ a run that was harder than i anticipated – every invisible flame within me burned itself to ash in the heat of the early evening sun. at the shoreline, the anticipation of a swim to follow the previous hour’s excursion tugs at me with the intensity of a siren. the water feels deliciously good […]

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meditations on light

it’s christmas morning. there’s a tray of freshly risen croissants baking in the oven, nic’s mum is out for a walk and i’m vacuaming white kanuka blossoms off the floor. all to no avail as fresh dustings of blossom snow on the floor with each puff of wind through the open door. i light white […]

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