+++ there are mornings for saying yes. yes to getting out of bed early – even though it’s chilly out and warm under the covers. yes to filling a thermos with hot coffee, putting a packet of ginger biscuits in my bag, and stuffing my pockets with spare camera batteries and a head torch. yes […]

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safe passage

a slow glide through the fog, punctuated by ship horns in conversation on ferries devoid of sight. legions of sea birds drifting together on the water, as if they too were temporarily blinded. the apparitions of buildings, appearing and disappearing. and a surprisingly visceral response to this morning’s commute. +++  

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looking down a stairway through the bush to the sea. by leonie wise

how many photographs is too many?

+++ i went for a walk this morning after i’d dropped nic at the ferry, following the little pathways up and down the hillside from little oneroa to fisherman’s rock a couple of bays away. it was a beautiful morning and i made a lot of photographs in amongst the marvelling; it felt great to be out […]

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