i will find my way back

1 – 6 // scenes from a moving train, going to visit my parents 7 // looking back down to a loop of the raurimu spiral. an incredible piece of civil engineering that enables the train to climb 139 metres in a very small space using the natural contours of the terrain & an amazing spiral/horseshoe […]

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Castaway's Choice - Polaroid SX-70, 779 film. by Leonie Wise

castaway’s choice

castaway’s choice: 8 LP boxed set – seen in a charity shop window today. (polaroid sx-70, 779 film) +++ i almost bought this box set of eight records today… but we don’t have a record player. and, if i had purchased these LP’s i would have felt compelled to buy a portable turntable. then i would […]

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e kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia ki tēnei whenua. i will never be lost, i am a seed of this land it’s new zealand music month again and this years hunt for new music has so far led to some fabulous discoveries. like rosy tin tea caddy (thanks marianne), the woolshed sessions […]

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