monk with an ipad on castle hill. copyright leonie wise


we gave up watching ‘regular’ television years ago and now just buy all our tv series using the itunes store or watch on netflix. my current favourite – suits. another surprising month for me. i haven’t embarked on any ‘new’ exercise regimes recently, and i don’t ‘diet’ but the constant commitment i have to exercise […]

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i used to think that if i had all the right gear – enamelware, hunter wellies (well, i never actually had those), the right brand of handbag and overcoat, shelves overflowing with all the right kids of books, fantastic travel stories (ok, i do have a few of those), an instagram account that everyone wanted […]

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For the past 12 months, Monday evenings have always started around 4pm. That’s when I’m thinking about winding up whatever I’ve been doing so I can round up all our gym gear, make myself a protein shake, get changed and ready so I can head to the gym just after 5pm. Monday evenings are a […]

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