+++ a run that was harder than i anticipated – every invisible flame within me burned itself to ash in the heat of the early evening sun. at the shoreline, the anticipation of a swim to follow the previous hour’s excursion tugs at me with the intensity of a siren. the water feels deliciously good […]

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morning | evening

today i’m re-imagining what my weekdays would look like without a commute. wondering when this current season will end and how much of me will be left when its over. today, the parts of me that are playful and fun and adventurous are hard to hear. so i’m listening hard and hungrily for the clues […]

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early morning light at onetangi beach, waiheke island (c) leonie wise

the me of now

+++ a survey of present interests, curiosities, recurring themes … a short list of current fascinations body jam has become my thursday lunchtime obsession micro-adventuring on my tiny island, with warm croissants and coffee at sunrise on onetangi beach dark rye sour soda bread bodies as weathervanes … basking on beanbags, all three of us […]

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