weekend correspondence

saturday morning • bob moses on repeat • the oven cooling after an early morning croissant bake • i discover hilarious and inspiring things that i share with friends and family, howling with laughter so hard i’m crying • i contemplate the immeasurable value of a friendship that has spanned both continental divides and decades […]

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Looking up into the trees

30 ways to celebrate summer

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful! – Mae West ocean swims watermelon, feta, mint & chilli salad eating outside ferry rides to new places cloudy apple cider sleeping under canvas island gelato coconut iced coffee corn on the cob bbq dinners sun-bleached hair cool showers (under the hose if you dare) dancing […]

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wave after wave

1 // waiheke island weather report: paint your nails the colour of the sky. eat breakfast outside. eat lunch outside. eat dinner outside. stay outside in the spaces between 2 // taking my first swim of the summer, though the cold took my breath away and made my face ache. planning to do it again […]

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