the exquisite ordinary • fourteen

i have been doing this commute for more than a year now. and, as much as i miss being on-island all of the time, it really doesn’t suck. at all. that chance encounter on the ferry – with a running buddy i haven’t seen for months, made the ferry ride pass by in an instant […]

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the exquisite ordinary • twelve

nothing conceptualises sunday afternoon bliss like a dog slumbering, belly facing the fire its almost the same as it was last time i visited 30 years ago, right down to the pews, and the hymn books, and the congregants (and the welcome) time for an afternoon cuppa with a treasured friend and margaritas with another […]

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the exquisite ordinary • eleven

wake late to the rain on the roof of an unfamiliar room in a semi-familiar town residue and runoff its years since i have made sushi. and i had forgotten how fun it is to do it as a group activity. today with a brother and niece, and family piled around giving a running commentary […]

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the exquisite ordinary • ten

go … lean into the day. and into the rain. hasten into the conference centre and lean into the words that meet your ears. lean into the workshop.  leave the workday filled and fizzling with neurons firing in surprising universes vegan tacos. totally a thing. an oral timpani of flavours bashing around in my mouth […]

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the exquisite ordinary • nine

the infinite-loop blue & grey scarf i am wearing today will always remind me of japan. and her. and how fun it was to tear around in the snow making photographs the world goes on without you, yes. but there’s a noticeable gap receding city lights. rain and wind storms. a bumpy ferry ride home […]

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the exquisite ordinary • eight

a slow climb back to the surface i love how we can tip the cat’s biscuits from bowl to box, and back again, and suddenly (!) they are fresh my body is brimming with sleep, but the words aren’t done yet, so i rally when there is someone in the workplace, there for you, who […]

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