SH72 New Zealand (c) Leonie Wise

the road taken :: south island haerenga vol. 1

vol. 1 :: christchurch to woodpecker hut we’re awake early and ready to go well before the taxi turns up. we’re headed for the airport for a roadtrip around the south island’s west coast. we’ve got eight days, a vague itinerary and i’m feeling the thrill of being out of cellphone range for most of […]

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dear ___

dear instagram modern magazine article influence app’er. i read your latest piece in the __________ and felt compelled to write a letter to your editor. whilst your photos are pretty and your words have a lyrical and poetic cadence to them, you are romanticising places that are groaning under the weight of the international instabookapp […]

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postcards from dunedin – tunnel beach edition

Things you might not know about me No.277 :: I will totally plan a weekend away around a place I’ve found to stay in, a restaurant, or an interesting walk. And, our whole Dunedin weekend was planned because (a) we haven’t been away recently, (b) I love adventures and get seriously twitchy when I haven’t […]

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