early morning light at onetangi beach, waiheke island (c) leonie wise

the me of now

+++ a survey of present interests, curiosities, recurring themes … a short list of current fascinations body jam has become my thursday lunchtime obsession micro-adventuring on my tiny island, with warm croissants and coffee at sunrise on onetangi beach dark rye sour soda bread bodies as weathervanes … basking on beanbags, all three of us […]

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the morning belongs to

+++ steadily, with no consideration for beauty or horror, the earth turns. every morning, we arrive at a new beginning. the fire raging in my heart this morning (for things i have little control over) has finally burnt out. i throw everything into rekindling it with a focus on what’s in front of me here […]

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five places for foodlovers on waiheke

For its size, Waiheke Island has some really great places to eat. Here’s five of my current favourites, in no particular order. One // The Annex (instagram | facebook). This gorgeous cafe (pictured above) is housed on one of the cutest little buildings on the island. Five years ago, when we moved to the island, […]

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