weekend correspondence

saturday morning • bob moses on repeat • the oven cooling after an early morning croissant bake • i discover hilarious and inspiring things that i share with friends and family, howling with laughter so hard i’m crying • i contemplate the immeasurable value of a friendship that has spanned both continental divides and decades […]

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Kereru taking off. Photo © Leonie Wise


i was at the gym this morning doing a workout and, partway through a gruelling set of tricep dips, the virtual instructor said four words that embedded themselves under my skin. he encouraged us all to “lead with the heart“. i decided, in that moment, that my practise for this year is to embody that […]

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poppy study

+++ there’s a flower farmer on waiheke island who opens her flower shed to the public on saturday mornings. last weekend i bought a bunch of poppies and, over the course of the week, have watched them emerge from their fluffy cocoons into the light. their petals are so beautiful, like scrunched up tissue paper. […]

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