For the past 12 months, Monday evenings have always started around 4pm. That’s when I’m thinking about winding up whatever I’ve been doing so I can round up all our gym gear, make myself a protein shake, get changed and ready so I can head to the gym just after 5pm. Monday evenings are a 50-minute spinning class, followed by a HIIT session then home for showers and a quick, healthy dinner. This week though, I didn’t go. Still sore from the long (for me) run on Sunday morning, I chose instead to go for a walk along the beach with Nic, come home for a massive bowl of salad leaves and an episode of American Horror Story. I am learning more ways that I can nourish and care for myself – sometimes that means full-on gym nights and sometimes it doesn’t.

I spent a week in Australia at the beginning of September. Some of the time with my sister and brother-in-law and some at a workshop I’ve been wanting to do for years. Some of what I’ve learned has been difficult to process… My head trying to make sense of something that can’t be explained with any kind of logic. So begins a daily process of asking myself to suspend disbelief and get out of my own way. And some part of me knows that we are all more capable of magic than we could ever imagine.

Things on my mind today:

  • Where are my camera batteries?
  • Did I turn the stove off just now
  • Do I have time to go for a run in between skype, dropping the cat off, catching a ferry & shopping for our weekend away
  • Remember to pack towels
  • And there might be swimming, so pack for that too
  • Shall I run with up Palmers track to Mt Hobson with Sarah on Friday morning (a route I walked with Nic on my first trip to GBI)?
  • I gotta find those camera batteries!

Home is becoming more of a home as we settle into this place. With a lovely boardwalk meandering through the trees connecting the house and the office, I am taking great delight in travelling between the two in my slippers! We have pulled up the carpet and underlay in our bedroom (+ the lino we discovered underneath!) so we can have the concrete ground back and treated with a moisture seal. Another of the perils of buying a holiday home that used to be a storage shed. But this way we get to make the room exactly how we want it. Plus we get to sleep in the studio for a couple of weeks whilst the floor is treated, we paint the walls a colour we like and we have new carpet installed. We are now making a joke about #shithillsideroadpeoplesay that includes “this is the last big expense for this year“. Haha

I’m loving cooking with some new (to me) salt mixes – one a chilli & lime salt made locally and one a spicy herbamare mix. And we seem to be piling okonomiyaki sauce on pretty much everything. Inspired by drinks in cafe’s, I’ve also been making my own turmeric tonic, and herbal tea mixes and dreaming up some ways to make iced teas for the summer. And picnics. I’m dreaming of picnics.

leoniewise-lately-3 leoniewise-lately-4

My surroundings continue to inspire me, even though my weeks might look fairly mundane to an observer. Not always in ways that make me want to pick up a camera to document it, sometimes just stopping for a moment to breathe it all in is enough.

There’s been running. Not a whole lot of it but what I have done has been mega. I’ve already run 2 half marathons in the past 2 months and that’s just been around the trails here. The queenstown half should be easy terrain-wise.

Thanks to everyone who filled in my survey. I almost have enough people to get on and do a 31-day project that is subscriber only content. If you haven’t already filled it in, and you’re interested in receiving a short daily email from me, please do so. Monthly projects seem to be a thing for me and I’d love to do one that is shared only with people who really want it.

I have a feeling October is going to be amazing too.

a short survey

Morning Light, Gold Coast, Australia. (c) Leonie Wise
morning light, gold coast, australia


I have a dozen project ideas rattling around in my head, clamouring for my attention, demanding to be heard.

In the quiet spaces, these ideas come to me, then refuse to depart until they have been acknowledged and listened to attentively. Some of them never get any further than my pen on the page of my notebook; others take shape and become a series of blog posts, a book, something I share with a friend.

One of the projects currently demanding my attention is a 31 day, subscriber only email. Sent daily, or as a weekly digest.

It’s kind of hard to tell how many people visit my space now as I don’t see stats from anyone who uses a feed reader, so I have no idea if anyone is even interested in this!

So, here’s a survey…
…it’s only a couple of pages and should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

I would truly appreciate your thoughts.

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nothing left

diptych. milo sleeping, toast & coffee. by leonie wiseI’m awake at 3am, my ears filled with the sound of the rain on our roof. I listen out for the submersible pump that transports water from our small tank to a larger one at the front of the section, drifting back off to sleep when I hear it start up, happy that it’s all working as it should be. 

I’m awake again when Nics alarm goes off. I hear the shower, then the coffee machine. The light comes on and we sit in bed reading until it’s time for me to get up and drop him at the 6am ferry. 

I make myself toast. And coffee. And sit watching the rain flood our garden. 

My bag is all packed, I’ve been to get coffee beans, Milos bowl has been filled. It’s early, but I head for the ferry anyway, preferring a leisurely journey over a hurried one. 

Nic has sent me this months login for the wifi usually reserved for airport lounge guests so I find a spot to sit and download another few podcasts for my flight. 

My email auto-responder is on and I achieved inbox:0 before I left the house this morning. 

Nothing left but to go. 


a quiet moment with coffee & candles

one link for you today…

my friend Meghan wrote the most amazing story. then she published it. it’s a powerful and compelling work of fiction that touched me deeply. i could identify so much with the women in the story.

Melissa Owens doesn’t know what is wrong with her. What she does know is that the ache in her chest grows deeper every time she allows herself to want more. The other problem? She doesn’t actually know what ‘more’ is. Feeling confused and ungrateful, she spends her days pretending nothing is wrong — until the ache is finally so strong that she goes to a doctor for help.
One business card, a lunch, and a leap of faith later, Melissa finds the courage to finally listen to her heart.
Unfurl is about magic and food and baggage and connection. It is about looking at yourself and the stories that hold you back. Best described by one reader as Eat, Pray, Love meets The Alchemist, Unfurl was initially written in response to Sue Monk Kidd’s comment about women being the largest untapped resource on the planet. Fed stories of unworthiness and fear, shame and guilt, many women believe that they are powerless. This book is my attempt to give contemporary women a new story to believe in.
A modern heroine’s journey with a dose of sacred magic, Unfurl is the story of what happens when you dare to ask for more.

every weekday since August 3rd, Meg has been reading a chapter of her book and sharing it on her website, making the book even more powerful & magical than when i read it to myself.

Make yourself a warming cup of tea (or coffee) find a cosy spot to sit and listen here


Buy the paperback version from here.
Buy it from here.
Buy it directly from Createspace here.
Or, please ask your local retailer to carry it!
You can also get it on Kindle in the US here, and the UK here.
If you are in any other country, if you search your own country’s Kindle store, I hope you find it there!