the me of now

+++ pink flamingo neon lights after work swims film photography, bike riding the wind-chime’s tone chorus birds serenading the rising & setting sun

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a recent inventory

a sight // sunlight leading the tree shadows in delicate pirouettes on bedroom walls & living room floor + watching the midnight sky + following along with the guardian’s 31-day literary diet for January a smell // fern fronds and leaf litter under storm-swollen skies a sound // the stridulation* of an armour-plated weta a […]

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Kereru taking off. Photo © Leonie Wise


i was at the gym this morning doing a workout and, partway through a gruelling set of tricep dips, the virtual instructor said four words that embedded themselves under my skin. he encouraged us all to “lead with the heart“. i decided, in that moment, that my practise for this year is to embody that […]

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Feet in a kayak looking towards a headland. Photo © Leonie Wise

kayak from mawhitipana to onetangi

today we hauled our kayaks into the ocean and did a short paddle from mawhitipana bay (palm beach) to onetangi. it was a beautifully sunny day, but the wind got up making whitecaps in the water as we were heading around thompson’s point. so… after spending some time exploring the remarkably clear waters around opopoto […]

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