kaka (nz parrot)

NZ parrot / aptly named hoons, these birds hang out near our place making a racket. they’re very social birds and it’s quite common to see a gang of 8-10 flying overhead.

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photograph of pink weatherboard on the side of a house with two pink and white adirondack-style chairs on the grass in front of the building. © leonie wise


the pink house, gisborne, august 2019. polaroid sx-70, expired impossible film. +++ i tread the line between wanting to express my thoughts and desperately wanting to remain silent – both in this virtual space and out in the world. by the end of each day, i am easily aggravated and in need of disconnection; with […]

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21 uses for the pages from the herald

stuffing into damp shoes so they hold their shape whilst they’re drying cleaning the windows wrapping hot fish & chips, seasoned with salt, lemon quarters tucked alongside making a paper plane creating blackout poetry playing pass-the-parcel lighting the fire papier-mâché a barrier between a wet seat and dry pants wrapping bacon to pack in a […]

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