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there are piles of laundry everywhere – on the bed, in the washing basket, hanging on the lines & the collapsible drying rack. they’re folded on the sofa and sitting on the table. it’s hot and humid here and occasional brief rain showers are not helping me get it all washed, folded and put away. even without any rain, i can’t leave it outside too long before dust and/or pollen settles on it leaving it dirty in a different way.

i’ve been sitting staring at my computer screen for what feels like days, though i haven’t been home long enough for that to be true.

and so the day goes.

i write a couple of paragraphs and spend the morning editing photos. wondering why i feel like i have to justify spending time this way when it’s specifically for someone who requested it. like sometimes i still don’t get that i’m a photographer. and a writer. amongst other things.

right now i want to be a swimmer – not professionally of course, just by the simple act of going for a swim. i make a coffee instead and tell myself i can wait until Nic gets home and we go to the beach together.

our garden is parched despite daily watering. almost nothing is yielding anything edible, aside from the tomatoes. i’ve pulled out all the lettuces that bolted and the corn that didn’t grow and left everything else to go to seed. i need to rethink the garden plan before next summer – the baking heat seems to have sucked all the life out of everything and my knowledge of how to fix it is fairly limited at this point.

the fan in the living room is whirling almost constantly right now – the air is so still that it’s needed to supplement the wisps of breeze that flicker through here from time to time. every window, every door is open, as if the whole house is gasping for air. i’m forever rescuing bees from indoors and returning them to the wilds, then cursing the mosquitoes who attack us as the light fades and the stars come out.

and so the days go.