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2014: holy wow we bought a house! + on an ISLAND! + we travelled back to the uk for a wedding + and met up with some friends + and had a long-weekend adventure in champagne + milo appeared in our lives + and it’s been an interesting time with him so far – the perils of adopting an older cat and him figuring out that his old neighbourhood is not very far away + there have been days, and days, and days spent out in the garden + some serious upgrades to our water situation + and a new studio ordered as our office / guestroom + we’ve visited a lot of the island’s wineries + joined a local gym and are both loving our new fitness regime + weekends collected was resurrected {and there’s an open call for submissions} + we’ve had more visitors than we can count + not enough meals outside this summer (yet) + music is played here less and less, as we both realise we love to be able to hear the birds (of which there are many) and appreciate the quiet (we live on a no exit road, with very little traffic) + i’ve read more books than last year + and grown more plants than the past seven combined + i’ve run out of space for any preserves or chutney until we eat our way through the current stash + i’ve had moments of blissful stillness + and moments i think i’m about to go crazy from all the stories in my head + aside from missing the proximity of uk friends, life is good + life is very VERY good.

+ playing along with between lenses december prompt ‘reflection’ today

3 thoughts on “life on film

  • Wow, 2014 has been pretty awesome! That house is so cool…so unique looking! Your photos is awesome too….love a sleepy cat.

  • Oh, wow. Such a wonderful way to recap the year! I love that you tied it into the BL prompt, just lovely! 2014 seems to have treated you quite well, so happy to hear it!

    Also, your home is adorable! :)

  • What a gorgeous image, Leonie, and what a wonderful interpretation of Trina and Tara’s prompt for this month – a great way to catch up with what has been happening over here!

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