the exquisite ordinary • six

Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge. A new (to me) way of writing There, but for the grace of God, go I That circle is one I want to be in … but … do I want the responsibility that goes with it? Today’s hunger is not physical. It’s something deeper that food is unable to satisfy […]

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the exquisite ordinary • four

make friends and learn things. everything is more enjoyable when you do this leave the property for only the second time in a week. drink your fill of the bright blue sky and doze in the passenger seat as the light warms you get up, wash yourself, wash the sheets, make the bed, get back […]

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the exquisite ordinary • three

seen on a clothing website this morning :: “you don’t have to be beautiful to be wildly attractive.” amen to that, diana vreeland that one-hour call with my also-suffering bestie was the highlight of my morning. #truestory rest. rest. rest. i am not good at this. and not being gracious about the opportunity i have […]

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the exquisite ordinary • one

i remember that place and how delightful our weekend away was. how we reclined and relaxed, ate and explored, revelling in our rural retreat… … except for the horror of linen-hire polycotton sheets. 9.5/10 would visit again (& take my own linen) craving vegetable broth and armloads of greens. current status: pyjama-clad, car-and-greens-less psithurism brings […]

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