an abstract portrait of a newsletter, a cinnamon roll, a bicycle, tromso in norway and a hammock in the style of Martina Shapiro generated by Dall•e

a current inventory of self

an abstract portrait of the present newsletter revival // a friend of mine wrote recently to say she was consolidating and changing her newsletter. echoing my sentiments in a more verbose and elegant way. i feel like i have too many places where i could write and share and so have often just not written […]

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18,000 kilometres — from one tiny island to another

I’m thrilled to have been selected to attend a Singla Creative Group Residency on the arctic island of Arnøya in Norway in July 2024. (No, I hadn’t heard of this place until a few months ago. Yes, I had to look Arnøya up on a map too). Singla is an historic homestead on Arnøya that […]

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commonplace vignettes

Hello Wednesday. Hello friends. I’m thinking about clothing for slow days. Ones in which i can sit and meditate, or stare out the window into the garden. Ones that aren’t too tight, or feel like I’m wearing uncomfortable scaffolding. Ones that embrace me as i am praying for peace & understanding to leave a mark […]

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