A Year of Books. By Leonie Wise

my year of books (2017)

Last year I decided I would buy one book a month that was related to creativity in some way. I was feeling desperately uncreative in and of myself and wanted to find books that would fuel my imagination and (re)ignite my passion for creating. Pretty heavy ask of a dozen books now isn’t it?!? I […]

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5 ways to enjoy the change of season

down in the southern part of the world, we are turning ever closer to winter. we’ll have days of sunshine, then a storm will blow through that leaves everything sodden – giving us a taste of things to come. daylight savings ends in a week and summer will shortly feel like a memory. i love […]

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Five things to be cheerful about this Monday

1 // Vintage postage stamps that inspire fanciful storybook themes Chicago-based Illustrator Diana Sudyka uses vintage stamps from Europe as the starting point for fanciful paintings created using gouache, ink, and watercolor. Sudyka offers prints of many of her paintings on her website, and she also shares her work on Instagram. 2 // The shortlist The Sony World Photography Awards have announced […]

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