the weekend that was *

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it feels like my weekend truly began when we arrived home on saturday afternoon, after staying with a friend friday night as we had missed the last ferry due to a late arriving flight back from the uk

everything seemed more relaxed and the pace of my life slowed down a little

you’ll often find me staying in bed late, reading and drinking coffee until i’m so hungry i have to get up & have something to eat

or thinking about some new project – like making sausages, or picking the rosehips i saw down the road and turning them into jelly

and i like to eat something a little different from my weekday smoothies for breakfast – like poached eggs the heston way, or crispy bacon & avocado sandwiches

the soundtrack to my weekend is the birds singing in the trees outside and the rush of air past their wings as they chase each other around the garden

i’d rather be reading than  doing housework

and this weekend, i’ll be watching nat cheshire’s ‘do not rest’ talk from Semi-Permanent Auckland 2014 on vimeo

and if i could, i would teleport my friends from the uk on a regular basis so there wasn’t such a long time between ‘see you next time’s


* it’s been a while since weekends collected was updated and i’m really keen to get this collective project running again.
if you, or anyone you know, would like to join me, i’d love to have you contribute!

leave a comment here, or send me an email with your submission to: [email protected] (see the submit page for full details)

there are two different ways you can now contribute:

  1. freestyle as all previous content – send me some text and/or a photo essay, a recipe, a mixtape, a poem etc. along with a short bio and a photo for the contributors page
  2. by completing the sentences as above. you can do just a few of them, or all of them – as you please, or add your own ones to the mix for future contributors

hope you have a great week and you join me over at weekends collected

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  • with you so much on the teleport…’s very tough going sometimes. take care and I hope you have recovered from the flight. looking forward to joining in with the weekends collected.

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