i am the wind screaming across the canterbury plains
i am the untranslatable language of dolphins
i am undiscovered life-forms at the bottom of the ocean
i am the last cookie in the jar
i am all those words you wish you’d never spoken aloud
i am the arms of time, pulling us all a little closer to death
i am in two places at the same time
i am the five pound note that went through the wash in a pocket of your jeans
i am one left shoe and it’s accompanying shoe-lace
i am the blanket draped over your legs for warmth
i am the sun kissing your face
i am the unexplored places in the universe
i am understanding
i am all the books yet to be published
i am the memorial to all we have lost
i am the cotton-wool-soft feel of your lips touching mine
i am the pathway, worn by travellers
i am jumbled the sentence
i am ; used incorrectly
i am nonsense rhymes read aloud to a confused audience
i am the feeling you get when you skip instead of walking
i am the poet with writer’s block
i am the pre-dawn fisherman
i am burnt toast
i am the arms of your lover
i am a poem waiting to be read
i am what’s waiting on the other side of the silence
i am a borrowed library book
i am lost

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