a diary of tiny pleasures

  • the STUNNING photography of gerrard gethings, specially the bumblebees!
  • revisiting the video of otters holding hands (you know the one, right?)
  • watching kittens sleep with their bodies arranged as if they were made of jelly
  • knowing there’s a MUJI store where i’m travelling to next

3 thoughts on “a diary of tiny pleasures

  • Wow the bee collection is so cool! The variety and vibrance of the background colours are unreal! // omg those otters, too cute // I love browsing Muji, even though I don’t often make purchases there

    • We don’t have Muji in New Zealand, and I love browsing. I don’t often buy much either, but I do find some of their travel accessories really handy. So glad you liked the bees – I was totally wowed by them :)

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