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a few favourites

a few favourites


reading | the lost art of free time + the bone clocks (i do so love david mitchell’s writing) + 9 self-help cliches to change for your own good (oh yes) + An imaginary classification of animals by Jorge Luis Borges including “those that tremble as if they were mad” and “those that have just broken a flower vase” + coffee waste – Why the man behind Keurig’s coffee pods wishes he’d never invented them

watching | kin fables – vol. 1 – kin + vol. 2 – salvage + vol. 3 – requiem. haunting, strange, beautiful storytelling

waiting | for a plumber to become available to drain our hot water cylinder and replace the element. not as easy a fix as i had hoped. until then, the cold showers continue

trying  |  buttermilk fried chicken from the sunday suppers book. delicious, if a little messy, nice to have once in a while, but it won’t be a regular menu item at our place

loving  |  Here’s to all the full figured unicorns out there (thanks to Nic for the link)

planning | how we will decorate our new office space. since it’s a blank canvas and we both (thankfully) have similar tastes, we’re poring over the modern rustic magazines (one & two) discussing ideas and pinning stuff to a shared pinterest board

researching | good places to learn a new language online. have you tried any?

considering …

When did loving yourself
become so rare, that it’s
revolutionary to do so?
– DS