a life that’s good



1 // waiheke island weather report: finish cleaning the BBQ in readiness for tonight’s dinner. be thankful for a little cloud cover to keep you cool as you do the gardening

2 // i will never have thin, shapely legs with un-dimpled ankles. no matter my size or strength, my calves remain hidden and my knees have wobbly bits. but these are my feet and legs. they can run, jump, skip, swim in the sea, dance; and they are strong enough to carry me everywhere i ask them to go. they kinda look like my mothers. and my sisters. and my auntys. they are part of the magical – and to be revered, respected, celebrated & cared for – body that is mine.

:: a life that’s good by lennon & maisy

3 thoughts on “a life that’s good

  • yes, when I stop and think about it – amazing. (also thinking… when I “think” about where all my memories are stored… etc. mind blowing).

    “revered, respected, celebrated & cared for” – love this – new mantra!


  • I have always had calves that don’t fit into any pair of boots but wellies. And that suits me just fine : )
    Magical indeed.

    • I was talking to Nic the other day about how easy it is to forget how amazing the human machine is. It breathes and regulates itself without much thought at all from the person inhabiting it. And, when I really stop and think about it, I am amazed.


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