nine . an interview & a giveaway

hi everyone,

i am delighted to have been invited to participate in the NINE interview series – the brainchild of the lovely liz who I had the pleasure of meeting at squam last september.

you can see my answers to her beautiful questions here.

to celebrate this lovely interview, i would like to offer all my readers a giveaway:
the chance to get yourself (or a friend, if you already have a copy) the recently published book of photos & poetry all of a sudden…

to enter, simply leave me a comment giving me your answer to liz’s question #2.
you can use words; or leave a link to an image, or a story, or a song, or a blog post, or…. let your imagination run wild!

  1. entries are open to everyone, so tell your friends
  2. winner will be drawn at random on monday 3rd may and notified by email

arohanui (big love) to you wherever you are and whatever you love.


18 thoughts on “nine . an interview & a giveaway

  • i love the water that hugs land in
    direction and blends two worlds in
    to one
    city made of distinctive sections
    -attle, you are my place.

  • oeee….yummy question… i love how you are evolving…such beauty…

    i love…
    the sunshine!
    the trees…
    messy days
    green grass…
    i love
    of clothes…teehee…
    and real big mountains to look up to
    i love
    the little snoring boy fast asleep next to me in bed…
    and his daddy… i adore him!
    i love where i’m living right now… and the beauty in my view…xx

  • I love the interview. Love, love, love.

    It’s covered in bike paths, surrounded by trees and lovely flowering bushes, close to everything, filled with loads of good coffeeshops and libraries, and I can ride my bicycle ANYWHERE I want to go.

    Though, it’s not the entire world. I’m ready to see the rest of the world now.

  • oops my image transfers didn’t work… so words will have to suffice




    sea – the pacific – the fierce, friendly, loving unforgiving, eastcoast coves smelling of seaweed

    feeling the land feeling me

    friendly sheep

    loving pets

    my creative space


    totara kauri kahikatea ponga manuka pohutukawa


    smoked mullet



    my roots live here but my branches spread all over the planet

  • Beautiful responses! I so love Liz’s blog and enjoyed your interview!

    What I love most about where I live? Hmmmmmmmm. It’s the place of my family’s history. From my ten year old granddaughter to a local cemetery where my great-great-great grandparents are buried, this place tells the story of my people. Many generations who lived and loved before me, and had a hand in shaping me. I expect I too will be one of those generations as the future unfolds. I (hopefully) will be remembered as an inspiring force to many future generations of grandchildren and great grandchildren as my ancestors are to me.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express those thoughts!

  • Beautiful interview. I just moved from a home that I loved more than any I’ve ever loved before (in a wee village by the sea) back into the city for the winter. But it’s not all bad. Here is what I love about my new, city, home:

    Yep, even the cities in New Zealand look like wee villages by the sea…

  • What a lovely interview! Beautiful!

    One thing I love about where I live is the flowering trees, plants and beautiful growing things. I grew up in a northern colder climate and currently live in a temperate rainforest (quite a switch!). Every spring I am in complete amazement of all the beauty and life that comes out of the earth and it thrills me to no end.

  • I love the way my flat is luminous, facing east and I get to see beautiful sunrise and in the evening, the amber light of the sunset is reflected by some windows quite far away but still manages to reach me :)

    I also love the fact that I live less than 1 hour from the ocean, sea and lakes …

    there is a collage of photos from last week-end on my blog today

    thank you for organising a giveaway leonie :)

  • I love the sunrises and sunsets where I live. I am a resident of the AZ desert, and the colors in the sky at those times are just amazing (although I do sometimes long for the beach or English countryside).

  • NINE things I love about where I live:

    1. It’s ‘away’ from where I grew up, yet close enough to visit my family as needed. (1-hour drive)

    2. I live in a place that has distinct changing of the seasons. I used to claim Fall as my favorite. Although, now that I’ve grown up and connected spiritually with Mother Earth, I love them all for the unique gifts they offer!

    3. My home (built in 1942) looks out over a public golf course. It is a cozy, friendly neighborhood that is convenient to many surrounding areas, yet nestled in its own beauty.

    4. I met my husband here! (almost 20 years ago!)

    5. Living in the Midwest (while I often lament that) gives me the chance to shine a progressive light in a rather conservative part of the country.

    6. I live in a city that has the ONLY peace museum in the entire United States of America!

    7. There is rich, innovative history. (A LOT of inventions that we use in everyday life came out of the county in which we live.)

    8. Great bike paths :)

    9. Even though I’ve been here almost 21 years now (yikes!), I still continue to discover wonderful things and see with new eyes. For that I am most grateful.

    Thank you for this opportunity to embrace what I love about where I live. A valuable exercise indeed :)

  • we have great neighbors. we had our house built here 10 yrs ago & our neighbors welcomed us by bringing over a potluck one day & painting 2 coats of paint on the outside of our house!
    oh dear leonie, your interview was the BEST. i love your responses in pictures, & i love your responses!
    oh how i hope to be picked for your book!!
    thank you for the offering, with love.

  • Beautiful interview!

    Love about where I live … the old-fashioned black bicycles we ride as normal here, the bike paths and the enormous exquisite park we can spin round just along the road.

  • The neighbours, I love my neighbours. Obviously, I love the man and the kid too, but they would live wherever I live… so that is a given. But I may never find such neighbours ever again. Oh and the milkman. Sort of a neighbour too I guess…

  • Love it!
    Hmm, what do I love about where I live …. the mountains and the stone man. This house is my sanctuary, and this city, which must always bargain with nature and can never tame it, which is my home.

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