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august break 2014

august break 2014

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…the wizened-old-man-looking face & sweet, soft scent of a milk-drunk, sleeping babe.



Sometimes I dream that I can breathe underwater without apparatus. It’s why I learned to dive. Selfies in the water are a way that I can feel like that, and believe it, even if just for one tiny moment.



We live in a tiny house, so I pack my bag depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing. Then I empty it out again at the end of every expedition and put everything (including my bag) away. On Saturday we hopped on a ferry and took a day trip to Coromandel. This is what was in my bag that day:

  1. Film camera
  2. Spare roll of film
  3. Polaroid SX-70
  4. Spare box of film
  5. MindFood magazine + 2 new books purchased there at a book sale – one to read and one to make into a journal
  6. Bookhou pouch containing iPhone cable and zoom bar
  7. Spare pair of contact lenses (not pictured)
  8. Two new sake/espresso cups made by a local potter
  9. Tube of Lucas’ pawpaw ointment
  10. Nic’s headphones
  11. Bottle of water
  12. Small pill container.


Every morning my husband Nic wakes me with an espresso made just how I like it. It’s made from beans roasted here on Waiheke Island at Island Coffee. Every week when I go in to buy a bag of organic coffee beans, I get myself an espresso to drink (& it’s finally got to the point where they know what I want to order, which makes me feel like a local). I sit for a while listening to, and sometimes participating in, conversations that range from taxidermy to travel, music to house maintenance. It’s a small place, but one I love – they care about their coffee and their customers.

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