bad weather

there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.
― alfred wainwright, a coast to coast walk

we’ve had a bit of wild weather in the northern parts of new zealand for the last couple of weeks. my heart is breaking with every story of damage and loss i see on the news, and i hear from people i know. we are fine… we had a few days of being unable to wash, shower, do laundry or dishes, or flush the loo (until an emergency septic tank empty to get all the water out). grateful for friends on the island who gladly offered their showers, washing machines and loos for us to use whilst we waited for the ‘poo truck’ to come.

with a reverence for stormy weather, i ventured out to our favourite local beach. completely outside of time, standing in the waves, rain dripping on my head through the top of my poncho was a mesmerising and grounding experience.