cherry-blossom laughter falling

my real name is leoniewise
yesterday my name was plague of the bewildered poet
today my name is cherry-blossom laughter falling
tomorrow my name will be smell of freshly polished silverware
my secret name is glittering mermaid lazing in a clawfoot bath
you can call me heavy warm treacle, pollinating the air with my humming

okay, your turn…
what’s your name today?
what can i call you…?

11 thoughts on “cherry-blossom laughter falling

  • I found your blog through Nathalie because I loved her poetry, she told me to check out yours. Yours is amazing! Love it, wish I could write like that!!
    Going to revisit your blog often!!

  • today you can call me fresh air breathing, walking in the glittery snow when it’s cold but I’m loving it, earth loving girl.

  • last year you would have called me scattered showers, chances of thunderstorms, and heavy rain
    this year you can call me blue skies and sunshine, flowers with brightly coloured birds and laughter, looking for clearings of artistry to work my mystical magic with a brush!
    Tomorrow? the dream is developing…
    inspired by my youngest sister – (didn’t know I could create so spontaneously with words)

  • Most days, you can call me honey bee. In my dark hours, you can call me wrecking ball, shattered glass, or the Invisible Woman.

    I call you poet in your bones.

  • today i am peanut butter snuggle bum
    tomorrow i shall be called intimately captures beautiful people

  • Today you can call me dreams of many plans, yet sits with warm tea.
    Tomorrow I will be cheers through a camera lens as the torch passes by.

  • you can call me snowy pesto face and tomorrow my name is probably going to be house-bound and crazy.

    so. excited to see you very soon! xoxo

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