church of the good shepherd, tekapo

You have a say in your life. There is so much that we can intentionally select in creating
our reality. What comes into our cupboards and closets, what goes into our bodies,
the people we spend our free time with, the gifts we give, how we worship, the
thoughts we focus on. Clutter is a choice. Anger is a choice. Resentment is a choice.
So are spaciousness, flexibility, laughter, compassion, tenderness, and resilience.
– Danielle la Porte

2 thoughts on “choices

  • It is so good to come here and read you again. I didn’t realise how much I was missing you and your beautiful photographs and words, and wisdom too, until I read you on my blog and thought, ‘I miss her!!

    • Thank-you. I am really loving your new life updates – so beautiful x

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