christmas in cornwall


the sound of the rain battering on the roof & dripping down the chimney – the ocean, right outside our window – bats swooping silently close to our heads poked out the window – the fury of the storms – staying indoors – going outside – trees growing sideways, persuaded that way by the prevailing winds – four packs of polaroid film – rocks that look like shipwrecks, and stained glass windows, and the skeletal remains of some great sea creature – the coastal path – champagne for breakfast – lunch at fifteen – the passing of a beloved friend – the comfortable quietness of being alone on the beach


One Hundred voices
with one hundred
all asking
the same thing:
Where are you
lost as you seem?
They wonder.
am on my way
is the only
truthful answer
I have.

Tyler Knott Gregson– Typewriter Series #272

3 thoughts on “christmas in cornwall

  • leonie, these images are incredible.
    and, from reading your words, it sounds like you enjoyed some pretty incredible moments.

    though i am so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend…love to you.

  • god woman, you make magic with that camera of yours. i’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. i’m sending you the most massive hug ever!!! so looking forward to seeing you again. big love xoxo

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