closer to heaven. close to home


an early morning ferry ride and a drive to whatipu on auckland’s west coast. walking the omanawanui and kura tracks.


i’ve been thinking recently about how the word ‘adventurer’ was part of my identity when we lived in the uk. and how this part of my identity resulted in invitations to write articles in magazines and contribute words and photos to popular websites and be a guest blogger in various places. my adventures took me places where i made friendships that sustain me even now.

so what happens when an ‘adventurer’ ends up living on a tiny island off the coast of new zealand, and the invitations to contribute and collaborate dwindle?
does the adventuring also stop?

no, no it doesn’t. it simply changes form and structure. less passport stamps, less flights, less invitations… more early morning ferry and car trips, more ways to interpret the word adventure…

…more micro-adventures, closer to heaven, close to home.

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