disconnect • create

Here’s what I know to be true *

  1. The more time I spend online, reading and seeing how other people live their lives, the more I get caught up in their ‘normal’. I see trends that people are following (Kinfolk, Hygge) and forget about the life I want to create for myself.
  2. Just because [some of] my life might look like the trends (from the outside anyway), it doesn’t mean I need to copy them.
  3. Getting offline and out into the world helps me disconnect from the boundaries I see online and I end up in a more creative space.
  4. Being inspired by others is awesome. Trying to be like others is dangerous.
  5. Out in the world I can be free just by taking a walk on the beach, or going trail running. Out there, in my wild, is where my creativity can also run free.
  6. Online only tells a small part of a person’s story. I want to know the whole person.
  7. I want real life connections. Heart conversations. Creative play. Laughter. Time getting to know people over lunch, or a beer.
  8. Creativity turns real life stories into works of art.

* (for me)

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