i am divine light - a self portrait by leonie wise

having a rough day.
feeling less than.
choosing to bathe in my own divine light

glancing at myself in the mirror i realise it's time to shift some weight. whilst steps are being made towards that goal, and in the 17 days leading up to my 40th birthday, i am honouring the self that i am right now with a series of 'i am' portraits.

5 thoughts on “self-portrait

    • thanks amanda, i like that we help keep each other afloat.
      i think your light is pretty awesome too

  • i’ve been riding the less than wave and boy am i waiting for this one to pass.

    you are light leonie wise and i love everything about you. xo

    • it’s a wave that takes us straight to crazy-town, but some days i seem to ride it anyway!

      i love you too lady

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