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easy like sunday morning

easy like sunday morning

milo, coffee and mini xmas mince pies
7:46am feels like a mega lie in for us – we are usually awake by 5:30

our furry flatmate is asleep on the bed, paws covering his eyes, making tiny snoring noises

in the other room, the coffee grinder burrs into life, then i hear the coffee machine and the rustle of a brown paper bag. nic returns with coffee and three-bite mince pies.

milo wakes to investigate… something for him?
no. back to sleep then…

the gear for our christmas trip is mostly assembled, just needs the gear we wore for bootcamp yesterday to dry, then we can pack ready for tomorrow’s departure south.

there are vegetables for kimchi to be sliced and put in the crock, bikes that need oiling and locking up, and floors that need to be mopped.

everything else is done.

no reason to get up yet.


currently tickling my fancy: do you have / are you an instagram husband?