11 . 23

I am over reading books and blogs and IG posts that tell me I am “wasting my days” if I work for someone else. As if having my own business is the only way to win at life. It might be one way, sure, but not the only one. I have worked for myself and for someone else, and the important thing (for me) is what I learn.

Note to self: not everyone is blessed with the choices and learning opportunities that I am presented with every day. What am I choosing?

One thought on “11 . 23

  • Choice is something we’re blessed with every single day. I think about this a lot lately, (in relation to some heavy family of origin crap), and it’s a really powerful question: what am I choosing.

    All of the should-ing that happens feels like a lot of justifying of all of the feelings and the other thing I think about a lot lately, is me doing me, not worrying about what anyone else is doing over there. That too is a choice. oxo

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