11 . done


I have been wondering if google is making my thinking and my internet exploration homogeneous. And if the websites I visit, the blogs I read and the people I follow on Instagram are chosen based with too much emphasis on my personal (unconscious) bias. I’ve had the same recommended links pop up in multiple newsletters in my email, and that’s also making me reconsider my subscription preferences. So I am consciously looking for new reading material, at right-angles to my usual list. And I’m using other search engines to see if that also makes a difference.


I missed a few days at the beginning over November, but it’s been fun showing up here every day for most of a month.

One thought on “11 . done

  • i have so much enjoyed your posts this month. and i can’t tell you how much i love this photo, the processing of it, and the perfect capture of tranquility. i can almost feel myself standing on the sand looking out over these waters.

    google is a bit eerie, as is facebook. more than once i’ve had ads appear which relate to subjects i’ve been talking about recently (but not reading about online) – as if they are somehow spying on me through my computer.

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