11 . 7

today is a bread day. i’ve got a 20% rye sourdough mother, carefully tended since coming back to new zealand after having to leave my e5 bakehouse mother in the uk.

i’m also reading the sourdough book – captivating fiction that reads like memoir. i have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t real, the writing is so believable.

a sourdough bread-making class on the island results in a second loaf ready for baking tomorrow morning. in such a tiny community, i encounter a woman i know and another i know via instagram. i love living here.

4 thoughts on “11 . 7

    • I grew up with home made bread. And there’s something really special about making my own now x

  • sourdough is the best. i’ve never had any luck with starters. and i know what you mean about island living. it too is the best :)

    • Oh I’m sorry you haven’t had any luck with them, it really is a great way to make bread. I wasn’t sure about island life until we got here. Now I am struggling to imagine living anywhere else for a while!

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