enquire within upon everything

our neighbour. seen most mornings on the roof of our conservatory, looking down on us with meh.


  1. enquire within upon everything is the title of a book i found in a secondhand book store. of course i bought it.
  2. i love this rube goldberg postcard writing suitcase set: melvin the magical mixed media machine (found via colossal)
  3. london pop-up restaurants are a way to charm me. i’ve just booked us into the wild food kitchen for dinner
  4. this pasta with garlicky broccoli rabe recipe is so fast and tasty i’ve made it twice this week (with slight modifications)
  5. my weekend begins with a float. then lots of plans to meet up with friends and take myself outside for a nice long walk.

what are your weekend plans?


6 thoughts on “enquire within upon everything

  • That cat is perfect, I’ve bookmarked the broccoli pasta and I’m wondering happy thoughts about that book.

    My weekend was filled with teaching a friend how to cook a roast and a lemon tart, watching a shamefully large number of episodes of Community and walking in the sunshine. Lovely!


  • I remember that cat! My weekend plans won’t surprise you. I ran with friends from the squad in Otari Wilton’s bush this morning. First time I’ve actually been there! Sarah and I then did Balance at the Terrace gym. Tomorrow I’m meeting some Gearshifters friends out in Upper Hutt for a ride which will be a lot longer than anything I’ve done any time recently, but thankfully will be mostly flat! Hamish and I still need to do dinner for my birthday too. It’s a lovely autumn day here and Ede just demanded my lap. Thankfully I have a good book to read until she decides she’s had enough attention and I can move again!

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